Detailed Itinerary

 Overview: We  love our city. We are proud to show our guests all the highlights of  this wonderful city. In order to let our guests have best experience of  both the old and the new, we have arranged the following itinerary,  which will cover four parts of Shanghai tourist attractions: (1) Old Town, (2)Former  International Settlement, (3)Former French Concession, and (4)Pudong  Modern New Area, since each of them represents one part of the Shanghai  story. 

Detailed Itinerary:
Our guide will meet you in your hotel lobby, then you will start this wonderful city tour with the following itinerary:

Old Town: With  a history of 700 years, it's the birth place of Shanghai City from the  original small fishing village. Today it becomes a lovely and colorful  gift market with all the Chinese traditional buildings.
Yu Garden: In  the center of Old Town, is one of the best classical gardens in  southern China. It was built during the reign of Mind Emperor  Jiajing(1559) as the private garden of Pan Yunduan. With as area over  two hectares, the Garden is famous for a number of architectural  marvels. the best place to feel China's tradition of art. (Ticket:30RMB)
Shanghai Old Street: Part  of the old downtown Shanghai. it has formed a special life-style of old  Shanghai. A hundred years ago, it was the gathering place for crowds of  merchants. Today we can find stores of antiques, folk handicrafts,  souvenirs, embroidery, special local snacks, tea houses.  Guests can  come to a traditional tea house to experience Chinese traditional tea  ceremony , and get a bird view of all the activities in old town. ​
Bund: River  side,  the beginning of former International Settlement Area. Record a  part of history that Shanghai was forced to open as a port city for the  West tread after Opium War in 1840's. A must for all visitors to  Shanghai, is famous both in the country and overseas knowing as "Gallery  of World Architecture". The blocks are graceful buildings on Bund,  mainly constructed in the early 20s and 30s of the last century. it's  the best place to feel the past, present and future of this unique  metropolis.
Xin Tian Di:  In the center of Former  French Concession, it's a new fashion landmark. An urban tourist  attraction imbued with the city's historical and cultural legacies.  Shikumen attraction was created by converting residential blocks into a  multifunction dining, retail and entertainment center flowing with  restaurants, boutiques cafes and bars of an international standard. We  used like to recommend our guests to have light lunch there, since there  are a variety of East and West restaurants choices.
Tian Zi Fang:  In  the Former French Concession, it's a new favorite area for people  discover Shanghai. You can see modern coffee shops and grandmother's  kitchen in a harmonious setting. Original poor residential slum, is  becoming a hotspot gathered with fashion designer shops, art galleries,  accompanied by small restaurants and gift venders.
Lu Jia Zui CBD Area: The  heart of Pudong New Area, with numerous skyscrapers, shows the strong  pulse of modern Shanghai as an Asia financial center.  Found in this  zone the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Center Tower, the Jin Mao  Building, and the Shanghai World financial Center Tower with amazing  modern architecture.​​​

At  the end of the happy tour, our guide & driver will send our  guests back to hotel, or any place downtown our guests wish to stay. 

(You can also adjust your itinerary with your interest. please find the optional choices as reference.)
Other optional choices for your reference:
Confucious Temple: Located  in a small lane of Old Shanghai City, Confucious Temple is quiet &  secluded. Guide will tell the story of Confucius, and explain why  Chinese respect Confucius as a great teacher and great  philosopher.(Ticket: 10RMB)
​Jade Buddha Temple: Built  during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty(1882), it's  famous worldwide for the precious white jade statues of Shakyamuni,  1.92meter's high, carved from one single piece of flawless white jade.   Watching the local believers doing ritual practice among the incense  smoke, you can feel the deep Buddhism influence rooted in Chinese life  and culture as a major religion. (Ticket: 20RMB)
People Square Area: It's  was a horse-racing course for International Settlement Area in 1900's.  Today it's the center of Shanghai. Here you can visit: Shanghai Museum,  Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, People's Park as well as  Nanjing East Rd.

Warm Note: 
*"Tour SH2 - Shanghai Walking Tour" is quite similar with "Tour SH1 - Shanghai City Tour with Car". The only difference is "Tour SH2 " charging less in price and will enable you to experience the local public transit system, such as taxi, subway, bus etc.
*This  itinerary still could be flexible adjusted according to  your interests  within the sightseeing time. Please don't hesitate to share with  your guide what and where else you are interested to see, since your  satisfaction is our first priority. We also put some optional choices  for your reference.


Duration: 8 hours

Price: 1100RMB(157USD) for 2 guests, 

               100RMB(14USD)/additional guest.
Inclusion: Excellent guide service.
Exclusion: Entrance tickets, public transit, lunch & personal expenses.