Detailed Itinerary

Overview: Avoid the crowds and dive deeper into the culture of Shanghai tour! On this half day tour, you will watch senior citizens performing early morning exercises, eat breakfast like a local (western breakfast is available at guest’s request), and explore quiet alleys while hearing residents’ stories of their endurance through the many changes in Shanghai. End the tour with coffee in a quaint cafe in the Former French Concession. This is the perfect morning walk to experience the culture and heart of Shanghai. If you think you have seen enough of SH’s typical tourist attractions, and you want to try something a bit different, such as learning more about the local people’s daily life & activities, and want to “feel” the ambience of old Shanghai, back in the 1930s’, then, this half-day tour is a good choice for you. 

Activity Summary
Tour includes:
 (1) Morning exercise participation in Fuxing Park in Former French Concession.
 (2) Breakfast with choice of local style or western style (Breakfast included in tour price).
 (3) Walking tour of Former French Concession small alleys.
 (4) Visiting the Former Residence of Sun-Yat-Sen Museum (Ticket included in tour price).
 (5) Ending with a coffee break in Former French Concession. Guests can be dropped back at their hotel or another location.

Detailed Itinerary:
Our guide will pick you up from your hotel, then you will start this wonderful half day tour with the following Itinerary: 

The walk begins with a visit to Fuxing Park in the famous Former French Concession.  The park is alive with activities which will provide an exposure to local life. Locals frequently welcome visitors to participate in activities such as Tai Ji boxing, silk fan dancing, chorus, ballroom dancing, music performing, Diabolo, water calligraphy, and more. The locals are very proud of their skills and provide wonderful photo opportunities, so bring your camera. Do not be afraid to ask questions, as they also love to teach or talk with you about their skills. Your guide can provide translation when necessary.

After morning exercises in the park, it will be time to enjoy breakfast. You have the choice of a western style breakfast (example: eggs, sausage, salmon, salad, bread & coffee) or a local style breakfast (example: steamed buns (Xiaolongbao), pan-fired pork buns (shengjianbao), scallion oil noodles, and wonton soup). 

After breakfast, take a stroll in the Former French Concession. Wandering through alleys covered with luxuriant sycamores, you will see the local people seated along the street with a cup of tea chatting leisurely.  You may even catch their dog, curled up on a small bamboo chair, enjoy sunshine, dozing off. Some beautiful small quaint shops showcasing porcelain, jewelry, antiques, fashion, coffee or fresh fruits are scattered along the streets. Many of the Art Deco houses you walk past will be the homes of famous political or artistic persons in China’s contemporary history.

Our tour will pass by:
- Great Unity Kindergarten, original name: Benefit Society/Freemason, a kindergarten used for the children of founding leaders and generals of Communist Party;
- Former Editorial office of La Jeunesse, (New Youth) a magazine in 1910s to 1920s, which changed the course of the nation’s fate;
- House of Jiangqing, one of the four heads of the Cultural Revolution, where she resided before marrying Mao Zhedong, Chinese president in 1949;
- Site of Former French Club in colonial time;
- Site of Office during the First Cooperation between Communist Party & KMT Party;
- House of Xu Zhimo, a talented Chinese poet of Cambridge;
- House of Lin Fengmian, a famous painter who introduced French art style to Chinese.
- St. Nicholas Church, an Orthodox church built by Russian expatriates in 1930s.

You also have the option to visit the Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen (Ticket price included). Here you can get a better understanding how Sun Yat-sen, the first president and founding father of the Republic of China, overthrew the last imperial dynasty of China in the 1911 Revolution. You will learn of the legendary love story with his wife, Soong Ching Ling. A history of the Three Sisters of the Soong Family explains each of the sister’s fates, which are so closely connected with China’s national fate.

End the tour with a relaxing coffee break in the Former French Concession. Your tour guide will offer sightseeing suggestions for you to continue your exploration on your own. A map and directions will be provided.

Options for customized schedule:
If you have visited some of the above places, other attractions and/or activities can be recommended to customize your tour. Please feel free to discuss with your guide your plan before you meet up. Please find the optional choices as reference.

Other optional choices for your reference:
Feel free to adjust your itinerary with the following reference:

Old Town, Yuyuan Garden;

Confucious Temple: Located in a small lane of Old Shanghai City, Confucious Temple is quiet & secluded. Guide will tell the story of Confucius, and explain why Chinese respect Confucius as a great teacher and great philosopher(Ticket included).
Jade Buddha Temple: Built during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1882), it's famous worldwide for the precious white jade statues of Sakyamuni, 1.92meter's high, carved from one single piece of flawless white jade.  Watching the local believers doing ritual practice among the incense smoke, you can feel the deep Buddhism influence rooted in Chinese life and culture as a major religion (Ticket included).

Propaganda Museum: A small museum dedicated to the Communist Party’s Propaganda Posters. This will give you an understanding of what happened in China during the last century, such as Cultural Revolution, “Great Leap Forward” and Social Camp behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War period.(Ticket included).
People Square Area: It's was a horse-racing course for International Settlement Area in 1900's. Today it's the center of Shanghai. Here you can visit: Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, People's Park as well as Nanjing East Rd.

Warm Note: 
*This itinerary still could be flexible adjusted according to  your interests within the sightseeing time. Please don't hesitate to share with your guide what and where else you are interested to see, since your satisfaction is our first priority.We also put some optional choices for your reference.


Duration: 4 hours  Walking Tour (taxi/subway) Price : 119USD(833RMB)for 2 guests;

                 20USD(140RMB)/additional guest.  
Inclusion : Breakfast, sightseeing tickets, excellent guide.
Exclusion: Lunch & personal expenses.​