Night tour in Shanghai is a 4-hour evening tour. Shanghai always has a reputation as a “Sleepless City”. After nightfall, countless numbers of lights ‘light-up’ Shanghai, making it more beautiful and exciting than ever! Colorful lights enrich the landmarks of Shanghai, making the city appear as if you are in a dream. We’ve carefully designed the “Night in Shanghai” Shanghai tour so our guests can experience the city’s unique temperament and alluring charm. 




Duration: 4 hours (exclusive business van) 

Price:249USD(1743RMB)for 2 guests;

             60USD(420RMB)/additional guest.

Inclusion: Cruise tickets (120rmb/guest),    Tower entrance tickets (180rmb/person), Guide service, Business-van service, Bottle water & parking fee. 

Detailed Itinerary

Shanghai Tour sightseeing Old Town

  Our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel according to appointed time. (1) Old town. Here our guests will experience the traditional architectures  of the Ming & Qing dynasties, a style is so elegant with countless  sparking lights highlighting the outline of the many buildings in this  beautiful and historic part of Shanghai. 

Shanghai Tour Sightseeing Bund

 (2)Then Huangpu River sightseeing cruise so you  can enjoy the breathtaking beautiful night view of the two Shanghai  river banks. Huangpu River is the landmark river of Shanghai. From one  of the river banks, the Bund, we will regale you with the many  historical stories that happened hundred years or so ago; on the other  river bank, Lujiazhui,  the amazing view of modern city full with skyscrapers.

Shanghai Tour Sightseeing Nanjing Rd

 (3) We will walk around the famous East Nanjing Rd, with big shopping malls  one after another with various advertising light and neon lights. I’m  sure many of our guests will compare East Nanjing Rd with the glitter of  New York’s Time Squire. 


 (4) Local snacks tasting.  Optional. Sample and enjoy the various delicacies  of Shanghai’s local  food ... delicious ! Tell your tour guide what type of food you like,  our excellent tour guide always has a lot of choice to meet your  satisfaction! (Food Testing is at guests’ own  expense.)  

Shanghai Tour Sightseeing Shanghai Towrer

 (5)  Visit the Lujiazhui financial &  economic district, with clusters of modern skyscrapers. We will ascend  to the top of Shanghai Tower, where you will experience a panoramic view  of the urban landscape. 

Shanghai Tour Sightseeing Xintiandi

 (6) Xintiandi or hotel.  A trendy spot with numerous fine  restaurants, cafes, boutiques & bars, it’s an ideal place to have a dinner or a drink to end the night.  At the end of the wonderful evening, our guests can choose to drop in Xintiandi, or  send back to hotel, or any where downtown that our  guests wish to go.