Detailed Itinerary

Overview: Situated about 110km (1.5hr driving) west of Shanghai, Tongli is a famous water village over 1000 years old. It is truly unique and renowned for its many bridges, classical gardens and courtyards.  Away from bustle and glamorous Shanghai tour, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of this beautiful and timeless ancient village. 
Detailed Itinerary:
Our guide will pick you up from your hotel (or your desired address) in central Shanghai. Then driving about one and a half hours to Tongli village.

 Strolling along the side alleys by the river you will notice the village tradition of hanging herb grasses and fortune paintings on doorways, shops selling local delicacies and old folk sitting in the shade playing Majong.
Retreat and Reflection (Tui Si)Graden, was listed as a World Cultural Heritage site by the UNESC. A classical garden well designed with all the views surrounded the lotus pond.
Triple Bridges: in the center of the village, knowing as Peace (Taiping) bridge, Auspice (Jili) bridge and longevity (Changshou) Bridge. It says people can get all the good lucks by walking over the three bridges.
Chongben Hall: hundreds piece of root carving exhibits in the traditional residential building with an elegant small garden in the courtyard
Pearl Pagoda Garden, a beautiful garden quietly hide behind the village. Really like a flawless pearl hide deep.
Paddle Boat Cruise, after walking around the village, you will take a relax boat tour paddled by local housewife, feeling the village with tranquil way.
Lunch: Our guide will recommend you a peaceful and clean garden restaurant to have simple meal in beautiful garden yard. Please cover the meal of our guide. (There are numerous riverside family restaurants offering food with greasy glasses and plates. We don’t trust the sanitary conditions, since our guests food safety is first priority)

At the end of the wonderful village day, we will drive you back to your hotel, or any place downtown you wish to stay. 

Waterside ancient villages nearby SH:There are several peaceful ancient water villages nearby Shanghai area. The well preserved ones are: Tongli, Zhujiajiao, Zhouzhuang, Xitang and Wuzhen etc. We love the Tongli the most, but you can feel free to change the village, only need to give us a note on the booking massage in advance.

Brief: In the south lower reach of Yangtze River, embraced by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with rivers and canals crisscrossing, there are group of waterside villages like a string of pearls scattered nearby the Tai Hu Lake, with the natural and unreconstructed beauty.  For hundreds of years, its residents have been building houses along the rivers and trading near the bridges. The ancient docks, waterside pavilions and corridors stretch out for miles and create romantic atmosphere----the perfect spot for a tranquil retreat. The small villages with its black tiled, tung oil-painted timber framework houses, which contrast sharply with its white walls and gray fagging, brings to mind a Chinese ink and wash painting. They have a prosperous past and simple lifestyle. Along the narrow slabstone-paved streets, you can find old Chinese drugstore, restaurants and residential houses that were all built more than 100 years.

Driving distance from center Shanghai:

Tong-li: 100km, about 1.5 hrs driving.  (Peace & quiet)

Zhu-jia-jiao: 60km, about 1 hrs driving  (Small & elegant)

Zhou-zhuang: 90km, about 1.5 hrs driving.  (Less quiet & more tourists)

Xi-tang: 100km, driving about 1.5hrs.  (Old & quiet)

Wu-zhen: 140km, driving about 2hrs 20mins   (Less recommended, too much time on road.)


Duration: 8 hours 

Price: 2300RMB(328USD) for 2 guests;

              260RMB(37USD)/additional guest. 

Inclusion : Entrance ticket 100RMB/guest,  Boat ticket 90RMB, Guide service, Air-conditioned car service, Bottled water, toll fee and parking fee.  

Exclusion: Lunch & personal expenses.​